Funny Religious Jokes - There is a lot of humor to be found in Religion. The LaughLine features a separate category for something you won't find on most joke sites - Religious Jokes. The Laughline has everything from the funny side of religion to some religious jokes and religious humor that is totally blasphemous, featuring Jesus, Mary, The Pope, Vicars and Priests, Monks, Nuns, Adam and Eve, Moses and of course the ever popular Bill Clinton, who in various Jokes either goes to Heaven or Hell. There is always something funny happening in Church, Chapel or Temple, whether it's a funny sermon, someone falling asleep in the church congregation, or maybe it's a childs view of religion or God. Then we have those naughty Monks and Nuns in the Monasteries and Convents - there must be something going on or there wouldn't be any jokes about them would there. The LaughLine Religious Jokes are not for everyone - you need to have an open mind to appreciate some of these religious jokes, and I don't know why but some people just don't seem to have a sense of humor when it comes to God. Well, if you have done with this introduction, why not scroll down and get cracking with our Religious Jokes collection.


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  1. Bill Gates Dies
  2. Adam's Rib
  3. Pearly Gates
  4. Desperate Businessman
  5. The Wall Of Life
  6. The Boys
  7. Hospital Stay
  8. The Confession Session
  9. Darla's Doctors Visit
  10. The Garden Of Eden
  11. Nun's Secret
  12. Vanity Insanity
  13. Priests On Vacation
  14. Act Of God
  15. Archaeological Interpretation
  16. Typical Jim
  17. Sunday School
  18. Mahatma Ghandi
  19. Children And The Bible
  20. Blessed Barber
  21. Nun Decorators
  22. God's Email
  23. Shark!!!
  24. Pregnant Nun
  25. Jesus
  26. It's In The Bible
  27. The Tate Family
  28. The Young Priest
  29. The Affair
  30. Heavenly
  31. If Only You Had Looked
  32. In The Closet
  33. Three Nuns
  34. Final Judgement
  35. Lenten Humor
  36. Fallen
  37. Work, Sex And Play
  38. The Sin Of Lying
  39. Married Man's Confession
  40. Accounting For Lost Time
  41. Theological Debate
  42. The New Bicycle
  43. The New Priest
  44. The Television Preacher
  45. No Peeking
  46. The Grieving Wife
  47. All In The Family
  48. It's A Monk's Life
  49. Dividing Nuts
  50. Password To Heaven
  51. Italian Confession
  52. Evil Brothers
  53. Stud
  54. Oh Give Me A Home
  55. The Preachers Widow
  56. First Burial Service
  57. The Bible Salesman
  58. In The Beginning
  59. Seymour Goes To Heaven
  60. The Atheist
  61. Heaven
  62. The Confessional
  63. Letter From Grandma
  64. Buying A Bra
  65. Cat Goes To Heaven
  66. Liars
  67. Heaven's Getting Crowded
  68. God The Computer Programmer
  69. Goodbye
  70. Cremation
  71. The Irish Brothel
  72. The Collection
  73. The Pope Visits New York
  74. Lost In The Desert
  75. Rewiring The Convent
  76. The Racetrack
  77. Where Is Jesus?
  78. In The Beginning
  79. Monastery Of Silence
  80. The Baptism
  81. Children's Sermon
  82. Sinner
  83. High Priced Mule
  84. Pet Rooster
  85. The Better Programmer
  86. Dearly Departed
  87. Four Catholic Ladies
  88. The Missionary
  89. Satan
  90. Clocks
  91. KKK
  92. Hellish Cold
  93. Three Doors
  94. The Young Doctor
  95. Whales
  96. Holy Mistakes
  97. The Lords Prayer
  98. Tommy Shaughnessy

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The Religious Joke Collection has hundreds of Religious Jokes and Funny Religious Stories