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I have been interested in both Ancient Civilisations and UFO's since childhood - I was especially interested in Egypt, Babylon and Greece at an early age. Little did I think that everything would become interlaced with the growing knowledge that we are now beginning to unravel regarding our Earth and the history of mankind. The development of the internet has helped greatly to improve our awareness as well as our access to resources regarding these matters.   I have added some links also to some books which are my personal favourites, as well as others which make essential reading.

Well, enough from me - sit back, exercise your mouse and enjoy some of the many sites that we have to offer.      If you have a site in this or any other category that you would like listed in The Poddys Directory, click on the link to Our Main Index above and take the option at the top of the index page to "Add URL"

Unexplained Mysteries / Aliens / UFO's

A Message From Outer Space

Zecharia Sitchin on Squidoo
A UFO Resource Center
Adamski Foundation Home Page
Alien Abduction
Alien Abduction Experience And Research
Alien Abduction Site
Aliens Arrival
Alien Resistance
Art Bell Web Site
The Bible UFO Connection
The Bloodline, Starfire and The Annunaki
Blue Star Speaks = Channeled Teachings From A Pleiadian Theta Master
CAUS - Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
Celestial Home
Come Sail Away - UFO Phenomenon And The Bible
The Conspiracy Shack
The Enigma Channel
Exploded Planets, Asteroids & Mars: Judgment Past & SOON
Hamel Technology
C.A. Honey's UFO Update
Gods Of Eden
How To Prevent Alien Abductions
Hunt For Planet X Forum
Inanna Returns
Joes UFO's and Space Mysteries
Lights In The Sky
Malta UFO Research
Millennium Apocalypse Updates: Conspiracy & Prophecy
M.M.I. Consciousness Technology
Mothership - UFOMind Paranormal Research Index
Mystery Stuff
The New Atlantean
New World Order, Databases & IDs & Revelation 13
Norwegian Center For Cosmic Awareness
Paranormal Files (P-Files) Web  Page HQ
Pop Culture, "Alien Revelation" & Bible Prophecy

Specialising In Suppressed And Hard To Get Information
Sphinx Cover Up Petition
Star Folk
The Book: THIAOOUBA PROPHECY, Future Of Humanity

Truth Seeker Workshops
UFO Alien Mystery In The Colorado Rockies
UFO Area
UFO's, Aliens & Antichrist: Angelic Conspiracy
V***GER 32
Vibrani's One Source
Victorian UFO Research Society
Y2K as New World Order Conspiracy
Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles
Zecharia Sitchin Official Web Site
Zeta Talk
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