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Name Your Child According To Your Profession

Lawyer's daughter:               Sue 
Thief's son:                     Rob 
Lawyer's son:                    Will 
Doctor 's son:                   Bill 
Meteorologist's daughter:        Haley 
Steam shovel operator's son:     Doug 
Hair Stylist's son:              Bob 
Homeopathic doctor's son:        Herb 
Justice of the peace's daughter: Mary 
Sound stage technician's son:    Mike 
Hot-dog vendor's son:            Frank 
Gambler's daughter:              Bette 
Exercise guru's son:             Jim 
Cattle Thief's son:              Russell 
Painter's son:                   Art 
Iron worker's son:               Rusty 
TV show star's daughter:         Emmy 
Movie star's son:                Oscar 
Barber's son:                    Harry