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  1. Ghetto Server
  2. Girl And Pup
  3. Got An Iron
  4. You've Got Male
  5. Got My Computer Working
  6. I Give Up
  7. This Picture Needs No Words
  8. Say It With Flowers
  9. Mommy's Ass
  10. Nipple Scarf
  11. Cracks In The Airframe
  12. Priceless Picture - After Dinner
  13. Priceless Picture - Long Lost Twin
  14. Warning Keep Out
  15. Racist Dog
  16. Redneck Limo
  17. Screwing In A Lightbulb
  18. Sexy Licence Plate
  19. Snickers
  20. Tastes Like Fish
  21. The Electric Company
  22. This Page Is F@cked
  23. Topless Chick
  24. Used My Visa For What
  25. Vend-A-Goat
  26. Vicious Fish
  27. Walmart Underwear
  28. Webmasters Tomb
  29. Highway To Hell
  30. Billy's Goldfish
  31. Animal Rebellion 1
  32. Animal Rebellion 2
  33. Animal Rebellion 3
  34. Blondes Lords Prayer
  35. Car For Sale
  36. Cloning Mishap
  37. If I Just Close My Eyes
  38. Economy Class Seating
  39. Encyclopedias For Sale
  40. Flatulence
  41. Have You Ever Been This Tired
  42. I Just Farted
  43. Inner Peace
  44. Its A Scale
  45. A Lot Of Sadness
  46. Lucky Gingerbread Man
  47. Redneck Gas Grill
  48. Redneck Palm Pilot
  49. Sexual Harrassment
  50. Spaghetti Dog
  51. Spare Car
  52. I Think She Is Mad
  53. The Trouble With Nudist Beaches
  54. What Happens To Clothes You Donate To Goodwill
  55. When Life Was Simple
  56. Why Lizards Should Never Bungee Jump
  57. Your Desk At Night
  58. Cordless
  59. First Holiday In Years
  60. Two People Short
  61. Why Quarterbacks Should Have Short Names


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