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  1. Always Coca Cola

  2. Bad Boy Elephant

  3. Jesus Swimming

  4. Iraqi Scud Missile Launcher

  5. 101 Positions

  6. Are You Nervous?

  7. Which One Is Our Baby?

  8. Dalmation Explanation

  9. Your Ideal Partner

  10. Naughty Rabbit

  11. Just How Do You Explain This?

  12. Discreet Delivery

  13. I Wish ..........

  14. After Only 1 Drink

  15. Pilot's Last Seconds

  16. How To Tell When You've Been Really Bad

  17. Double Parking California Style

  18. In Case Of Emergency

  19. New Microsoft Keyboard

  20. New Word2000 Commands

  21. Have You Driven Over A Mustang Lately?

  22. The First Bags

  23. Australian Roadsign

  24. Hot Dog

  25. Blind Man In The Urinal

  26. Chili

  27. The Witch

  28. New Windows 98 Screen

  29. New Windows NT4 Screen

  30. Control Key

  31. Check Your Email

  32. Male Remote Control

  33. Signs Of Early Addiction

  34. I Think I Shit My Pants

  35. Taking The Trash Out

  36. Unlucky Teddy

  37. Cross Eyed Kitty

  38. It's A Sin

  39. Latest Titanic Photo

  40. The Adventures Of Dick

  41. When Pumpkins Drink Too Much

  42. Voting For Dummies

  43. Shampooing The Customer

  44. Black Sheep

  45. Jerry Springer

  46. Farmers Marriage

  47. Christmas At The School For The Blind

  48. Orange Cat

  49. Afghan Spice Girls

  50. Baby Mops

  51. Maniac

  52. Wedding Vows

  53. Freezing Dogs

  54. Why You Shouldn't Give Coffee To A Baby

  55. The New Cellular Phone For Men

  56. Girlie Bar - What's Your Preference?

  57. Death By Viagra

  58. Priceless Pictures - Dancing With A Woody

  59. What the other side of a smiley face looks like

  60. Marriage Is Made In Heaven

  61. How To Know When Your Computer Doesn't Like You

  62. It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

  63. Cat Carrier

  64. Gas Prices

  65. Redneck Wind Chime

  66. A Blondes Wish

  67. The Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Water

  68. Why Women Don't Make Good Mechanics

  69. Help - I'v Been Cloned

  70. Cool Car

  71. Inside A Man's Brain

  72. The First Sex Site With Sound

  73. The Latest Military Budget Cuts

  74. Most Effective Birth Control

  75. Welcome Home

  76. The Bondage Bears

  77. Your Daughters New Friend

  78. What Your Dog Does While You Are Asleep

  79. New Computer For Girls

  80. An Amicable Separation

  81. How To Save Time

  82. Bomb Squad

  83. Bubbles

  84. Not Now Kid

  85. Priceless Pictures - Taped Boobs

  86. Pumpkin Crack

  87. Siesta On The Beach

  88. Golf - It's Just A Game

  89. Sometimes

  90. Mad Cow Revenge

  91. Sign You Are Driving Too Fast

  92. Dream Girl

  93. Priceless Bungee Jump

  94. Hey - Careful With That Trunk

  95. Lighting Farts

  96. Hunting Dog

  97. Look Mom - I'm A Rhinocerous

  98. New Fisher Price Florida Voting Device

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Funny Sayings, Funny Pictures, Jokes and Cartoons