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Included in our collection of some of the funniest pictures on the web are the best of the Mastercard Priceless Pictures spoofs that undoubtedly extremely clever creations.  It is impossible to describe the wide variety of pictures inside since they cover just about everything from real life embarrassing moments to disney spoofs and clever animations.  Some of the funniest in the collection involve children and animals, both of which can make for the best humor in real life.  We are updating our site so that sometime soon every cartoon page will have a referral form, so if there is a picture that you like you can send it to a friend.  Don't forget that you can also sign up to receive the FREE joke of the day, which contains quality material - not a poor joke and 20 adverts like some sites, and none of our pages will take you to "popup-hell" either, where you have to cut your internet connection to close a gazillion x-rated windows to stop them opening faster than you can close them.  Our joke of the day mailings contain at least 3 quality jokes, the daily cartoon, cool web site of the day, wacky news from around the world, plus the ravings of "The Big Poddy", a mad Englishman now living in Indiana.  It takes only a minute to register, and if you don't like it, then it will only take you another minute to unregister, so PLEASE give us a try - I think you will like what you see.

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I do enjoy your stuff.  Normally Ireceive jokes in my office and start my day with a laugh!!!! Thanks for spreading some cheer!!!!!
I'm a newcomer to your site and so far... I LOVE IT!!!
Thanks for the great laughs
Enjoy your emails
I absolutely LOVE Poddy's!! Thanks for so much fun!!!
Look forward to receiving my daily jokes etc Keep up the good work
One of the highlights of my day is coming home from work and reading the little jokes and stories you have. After a rough day we all need alittle bit of humor to push us along
Thank you for making my mornings more interesting

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  1. Love
  2. How To Rob A Snowman
  3. New Presidential Limo
  4. Have A Break Have A Kitty Kat
  5. Killer Train
  6. USA Election 2000 Special
  7. French Fry
  8. You Have Just Been Replaced
  9. Australian Centerfold
  10. Earios
  11. Ever Wonder What Happened To Wonder Woman
  12. Woman's Dashboard
  13. Free Cat (Not For Cat Lovers)
  14. System Been Down Long?
  15. Charlie Brown
  16. Hilary's New Advertising Campaign
  17. Revolutionary New Hands Free Mobile Phone
  18. A Trial Lawyers Dream
  19. Working With Idiots Can Kill You
  20. How To Know When The Loads Too Heavy For Your Ass
  21. Why Did The Chicken Cross The Bridge
  22. Secure Sleeping Blanket
  23. Catch
  24. Cleaning
  25. April Fool
  26. Telly Tubby Scandal
  27. What Scotsmen Really Wear Under Their Kilts
  28. Mouse
  29. Bastard Card
  30. Snowbabe
  31. The Democratic Party Seal
  32. Woman's Remote Control
  33. Love Note
  34. Upset
  35. Lottery Winners
  36. Consumer Safety Warning
  37. Medical Warning
  38. Got Milk?
  39. Michael Jackson Evading Arrest
  40. Michael Jackson's Disguise
  41. Love Socks
  42. Australian Wedding
  43. Turtle Power
  44. Sitting To Pee
  45. And You Think Your Job Stinks
  46. Revenge Of The Mouse
  47. Barbie & Ken's Sex Life
  48. Snail Getaway
  49. Bessie
  50. Chicken Shit
  51. Cow Bar
  52. New Key On Keyboard
  53. Dog Sit
  54. Milk Of Amnesia
  55. Hand Car Wash
  56. Redneck Swimming Pool
  57. Baby Boxing
  58. Suicide Helpline
  59. Caught In The Act
  60. Spectacles
  61. Brain Handle
  62. Pirate
  63. Charlie Brown
  64. The Blind Man
  65. The White House
  66. Nuttin'
  67. Kellogs
  68. Happy Easter
  69. What Is This Nun Looking At?
  70. Kentucky High Rise
  71. Confession
  72. Owners License
  73. Bloated
  74. Charmin
  75. Bad Attitude Pussy
  76. Head Up My Own Ass
  77. Moses Taking A Bath
  78. Diarrhea
  79. New Zealander Out On A Date
  80. The Doritos Diet
  81. Underwear
  82. Cannibal
  83. I Hit A Dog
  84. Asleep On The Job
  85. Save The Whale
  86. Hidden Word 2000 Options
  87. Japanese Toilet Paper
  88. Where Easter Eggs Come From
  89. Taco Bell Vacancy
  90. Goldfish Committing Suicide
  91. Got Milk?
  92. Management Training Class
  93. Wet Lips
  94. He's With You
  95. Misfortune Cookie
  96. Young Chick With Big Knockers
  97. Baby Food
  98. Don't Jump

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