The South Bend, Mishawaka and Elkhart area on the border or Northern Indiana and Southwest Lower Michigan is a historic area for a number of reasons and therefore a large number of books have been written about the area, it's geography and it's history. Up to the mid 1960's South Bend was home to the Studebaker car factory, and in fact the whole area still has a lot of ties to the motor industry, being relatively close to Detroit, with numerous component manufacturing companies and of course the Hummer manufacturing plant in next door Mishawaka. Elkhart is the center of the RV Industry (Recreational Vehicles) and in the past few years many other industries have moved into the area, given the excellent railroad links and the proximity to the Indiana Toll Road (I-80).

South Bend is also home to the world famous University of Notre Dame, with it's sister Saint Mary's College, and there are other well respected colleges in the area as well.

With it's closeness to Chicago, South Bend also has it's claims to fame, including one of the banks having been robbed by the famous John Dillinger.

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South Bend/Elkhart Michiana

South Bend / Mishawaka, IN Street Atlas
South Bend, Mishawaka, Osceola, Elkhart, and Goshen is a single color StreetAtlas. This atlas begins with an illustrated campus map of Notre Dame. Local Campus Maps of Indiana Vocational Technical college, Holy Cross Junior College, Saint Marys College, Indiana University, and Bethel College are contained on the next page. South Bend area insets of Walkerton, North Liberty, new Carlisle, and Lakeville come next. On the flip side of the page are the Elkhart Area Insets of Bristol, Downtown, Goshen College, and Middlebury. The South Bend, Mishawaka, and Osceola Map Page Index of the eighteen maps to follow comes next. After the eighteen maps comes another Map Index Page for the Elkhart and Goshen area. The next six maps are of this area. The atlas concludes with street indexing for all the major cities featured.

Rand McNally Easyfinder Elkhart, Goshen, Indiana

Cedar Grove Cemetery Inscriptions South Bend Indiana

Everyday Life and Festivity in a Local Ethnic Community
Describes the history of the settlement of Polish immigrants in South Bend, the ethnic composition, the process by which everyday Polish community life was transformed into that of Polish- American immigrants and descendants, the institutions, and the ceremonies and festivals throughout the year.

The Last Studebaker
Hemley follows his short story collection (All You Can Eat, 1988) with this first novel about a dysfunctional family. Lois and Willy Kulwicki are about to break up. Lois will move out of their South Bend, Indiana, home with their kids, Gail and Meg, so that Willy's new "girl'' Alice can move in. Meanwhile, the parents will continue giving as much love to objects as to their daughters, Willy ``reconditioning'' the Studebaker wrecks in their yard, Lois acquiring useless collectibles at garage sales. Whether their separate interests are cause or symptom of their troubles is unclear, as is the cause of Lois's instability--has she ever recovered from the most shocking year of her childhood, 1963? That was when Studebaker's South Bend plant shut down; her father Rudy, a company man, couldn't cope with his dismissal, and her mother dumped him, just like that, outside a Stuckey's in West Virginia.

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Official 2001 University of Notre Dame Football Guide
The Official 2001 University of Notre Dame Football Guide, produced primarily for use by media covering the Fighting Irish, contains everything you'd ever want to know about Coach Bob Davie's highly ranked team. The guide includes a preview and analysis of the 2001 Irish, sketches about the players and coaching staff, previews about the UND opponents, a review of the 2000 season, more than 100 pages about the history and tradition of Notre Dame football, a detailed Fighting Irish football record book, and a full description about the University, its staff, its programs and its facilities.

Echoes of Notre Dame Football : Great and Memorable Moments of the Fighting Irish
This retrospective on the history and allure of Notre Dame football includes two CDs of audio highlights from past games strung together by the narration of Regis Philbin, an avowed Irish supporter

Irish Legends : The Notre Dame Fighting Irish Story

Leahy's Lads : The Story of the Famous Notre Dame Football Teams of the 1940s
LEAHY'S LADS is the story of the players and coaches of the Notre Dame football teams of the 1940s. Jack Connor, a former ND player under Frank Leahy, offers an intimate and charming view of what it was like to be a part of a legendary football team in that golden era of college football under Coach Leahy. Footall fans of any allegiance will love the stories of the games, the team dynamics, the antics, and the individual personalities. Foreword by Lou Holtz.

Notre Dame Football Today

Notre Dame Game Day : Getting There, Getting In, and Getting in the Spirit
For the first time, Notre Dame football fans have a travel book to call their very own -- one tailored to making the most out of the home football game experience. Author and Notre Dame graduate Todd Tucker presents chapters devoted to the ins and outs, do's and don'ts, of getting to Notre Dame, getting game tickets, and getting in the spirit of America's most storied football program.

One for the Gipper
He was a loveable rougue - a gambler, billiards champion, cardsharp, dance contest winner, college student - and perhaps the finest all-around athlete the world has ever known. He was a maverick, a loner, his own man, almost reclusive - yet he was loved and admired by millions while he was alive and mourned nationwide after he died at the young age of 25. He helped make the small midwestern college he attended the most famous university in the land. He was truly a "winner" - yet he sould never win the heart of the only woman he ever really loved. He was the legendary George Gipp of Notre Dame, whose deathbed request to his coach, Knute Rockne, to "Win one for the Gipper" has long been a part of the American lixicon. But exactly who was this man? Why has his memory endured for more than three-quarters of a century? Author Patrick Chelland explores the legend and separates the myth from the truth and, as is often the case, truth is stranger than fiction

Rockne of Notre Dame : The Making of a Football Legend
How good a coach was Knute Rockne? It hardly matters. Killed in a plane crash at the height of his fame, his 1931 death was dubbed "a national disaster" by President Hoover, and his fable was forever set as a leader of men and the father of the Fighting Irish. Still, this son of Norwegian immigrants was good enough to have deserved most of the legend he so carefully and systematically constructed around himself. In 12 years at Notre Dame, he transformed a regional Catholic college into a football powerhouse of national interest. His teams marched through a stunning five seasons without a loss. When the famed "Four Horsemen" in his backfield flagged, he had the memory of George "Win one for the Gipper!" Gipp, a true reprobate who in no way resembles the sappy deathbed myth Rockne perpetuated, to wave for inspiration. The Rock's knowledge of the game and talent as a coach wasn't nearly as important or lasting as his unabashed ability to promote and market his school, his players, his program, and, ultimately, himself.

Talking Irish : The Oral History of Notre Dame Football
No football program in the collegiate ranks comes close to Notre Dame's for the sheer weight of myth that cloaks it. The smartness of Talking Irish is the way myth both speaks for itself and contradicts itself. Irish is, first and foremost, a solid and anecdotally rich history of Notre Dame football from the 1940s to the present, delivered in a series of first-person voices.

Under the Tarnished Dome: How Notre Dame Betrayed Its Ideals for Football Glory
This was a great book by Don aeger and Douglas Looney on what actually happens in South Bend, Indiana, the home of the Fighting Irish. In the locker room, at the practices...they explain everything that happened during the coaching tenure of Lou Holtz with quotes from his former players and other colleagues. It was wonderfully written and great to read.

Being Catholic, Being American : The Notre Dame Story, 1934-1952 (The Mary and Tim Gray Series for the Study of Catholic Higher Education)

Catholics and American Culture : Fulton Sheen, Dorothy Day, and the Notre Dame Football Team
A fascinating portrayal of a crucial turning point for the Catholic Church in America--when it was finally accepted into the U.S. cultural mainstream.

Hesburgh : A Biography
The most versatile and highly respected academic leader in the United States, Father Theodore Hesburgh was known for his rare energy and ability to carry out a staggering variety of assignments with distinction. He combined an exceptional blend and balance of qualities-intellect, character, personality, spirituality, and management skill. A man of enormous good will, he tried to embody the compassion of Christ.

Trees, Shrubs, and Vines on the University of Notre Dame Campus

Lack Of The Irish
Hazel Nootin, a faceless but nevertheless unpleasant bureaucrat in the Notre Dame convention office, is brutally murdered. Her death occurs as the university is preparing for a football game with Baptist flagship Baylor University and a ballyhooed conference between the respective theological departments. Notre Dame hires private investigator Phillip Knight, whose brother Roger will be the keynote speaker at the conference. Among the suspects are an alcoholic Notre Dame public-relations flack, a sometimes violent husband, and a frustrated ex-Catholic. McInery, whose Father Dowling mysteries have delighted readers for years, has struck gold again in the Brothers Knight. The Nero Wolfe-Archie Goodwin relationship between the two is an endless delight, especially since they are on equal footing, unlike Stout's pair. McInery's 40-year Notre Dame career is the basis for the profound understanding of university life that underpins this well-plotted, very amusing mystery.

The Book of Kills : A Mystery Set at the University of Notre Dame
Prior to the kidnapping of several school administrators and the desecration of headstones in the Cedar Grove Cemetery, the University of Notre Dame's biggest worry had seemed to be this season's challenging football schedule. But these "pranks" are getting more and more serious. Then, Orion Plant, an eccentric scholar in the history program, began attracting negative media attention by claiming the university founder, Father Edward Sorin, stole the land on which the school sits from Native Americans. All in all, it's more than the board of trustees can handle.

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Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad : How the Medal Was Won

Moonlight in Duneland : The Illustrated Story of the Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad
Known as the "Little Train That Could," the Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad has served as a major commercial and recreational transportation link for ninety years. For its first two decades, it survived good times and bad until its landmark purchase by Samuel Insull's Midland Utilities in 1925. Insull launched an aggressive marketing campaign producing booklets, movies, and in particular a set of colorful, artistic posters, which attracted many from Illinois to the sand dunes and steel mills of Northwest Indiana.

South Shore: The Last Interurban
Here is the new, expanded edition of William D. Middleton's much admired book on the Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad, America's last interurban. With more than 250 photographs, maps, and schematic drawings, the rising and sinking fortunes of this technological triumph are chronicled from the first decade of the twentieth century to the present day. Essential reading for all those interested in railroads, railroad history, and the impact of America's last interurban on the economy of the midwest.

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Studebaker Cars
The Crestline series is always a excellent reference guide and Studebaker Cars does not disappoint! Tons of great pictures and lots of interesting information make this a must for all Studebaker fans

Exposing Federal Sponsorship of Job Loss : The Whitehall Plant Closing Campaign and 'Runaway Plant' Reform (Garland Studies on Industrial productivity
Documents the closing of American Home Products' (AHP) Whitehall plant in Elkhart, Indiana in the early 1990s, exploring the role of US tax policy in the relocation of jobs from the continental US to Puerto Rico, and paying special attention to Section 936 of the tax code. Details the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers (OCAW) union's efforts to find legal, legislative, and public relations means to force AHP to compensate workers for the plant closing.

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